Voyageur Publishing

Established in 1999, Voyageur Publishing brings together experienced editorial, creative, and sales teams to produce high-quality trade publications for the global travel and health insurance, aeromedical, and medical tourism industries. Our print publications, online news videos and up-to-the-minute news websites are recognised as leading resources for the industries they serve, and the cross-platform format of our publications provides unparalleled opportunities for B2B marketing.

Voyageur Events

Voyageur’s range of annual conferences are integral to the global travel and health insurance sector. Hosting events each year in the US, Asia, UK and Europe, we have a worldwide reach that enables connections between insurance providers and their global business partners to be forged via unparalleled networking opportunities. Through our committees, formed from experienced industry professionals, we build agendas that are relevant and exciting and that promote debate and forge change. We also host an annual awards ceremony to recognise excellence throughout all sectors of this global industry.

Voyageur Aeromedical Travel

Our experience with fare structures enables us to offer our clients the most cost-effective ways of flying, with or without restrictions on ticket policies.

We are your one point of contact for the following services:

  • Medical escorts on commercial flights
  • Low cost airline ticketing
  • Ancillary Services (hotel reservations, car hire quotes, visa and health information)
  • light tickets - available 24/7

Our high standards of constant in-house training and extensive experience ensure that all of our staff are aware of what flights, carriers and arrangements are likely to be the most viable and effective for the repatriation needs of your passengers.


Voyageur Design

The team behind Voyageur Design has extensive experience in web multimedia production, newspaper and magazine editing, and corporate branding. From working on our in-house print publications, to building websites, filming and editing online news videos and creating innovative marketing campaigns that are sure to capture attention, the Voyageur Design team brings a wealth of skills to the Group.

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